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Major Projects

Community development

Community development

Together with various stakeholders, we will develop a safe, secure, convenient, and vibrant community that can adapt to changes in technology, lifestyles, and the way that community works.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Initiatives for a business for unutilized energy

There are many energies in the world that have not been used yet. As a principal example, we would like to introduce an energy-saving technology that converts waste heat generated in factories into electricity using thermoelectric elements.

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Micro Mobility Stations

We aim to install micro mobility stations at train stations, bus stops, park-and-ride parking lots and other locations to support eco-friendly and comfortable mobility. We are looking for a wide range of collaborative partners, including mobility operators and service providers for the stations.

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Low Carbon Society

Promoting introduction of renewable energy (solar × agriculture × ∞)

To increase the growth of renewable energy, we are promoting the introduction of Solar Sharing, which is a method of farming and solar power generation at the same place at the same time. Although there are different challenges from normal solar power generation, we aim to solve them by taking advantage of collaboration with agriculture, and to significantly increase the growth of renewable energy.

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Recycling Society

Establishing an ecosystem for recycling plastic

We aim to establish an ecosystem in which plastic waste gets recycled and converted to fuel. We are seeking companies that we can partner with to realize a society in which plastics that are currently being thrown away as garbage will be utilized as urban oil fields.

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