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Major Projects


Working together to create an exciting future where “drones” and “flying cars” fly over the city.

Research is being conducted around the world in technological fields that will usher in an industrial revolution of the sky. Affinity with ENEOS’s assets is high and a concrete image of cooperation within the industry is rapidly expanding.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Initiatives for a business for unutilized energy

There are many energies in the world that have not been used yet. As a principal example, we would like to introduce an energy-saving technology that converts waste heat generated in factories into electricity using thermoelectric elements.

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ENEOS Accelerator Program


Through the ENEOS Accelerator Program we welcome entrepreneurs who share our vision of the future, and aspire to create innovative products and services together with us.

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If you are considering applying for the program, we have prepared a PDF document that provides more details than the website about the accelerator program.


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