ourselves along
with innovators
to pass on value
to future generations

  1. Contributions Toward
    a Low-carbon and
    Recycling-oriented Society

    We support the development of environmentally friendly energy/electricity and distribute them at a low cost, in order to contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society. We contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with a focus on plastics, metals, and storage battery waste.

  2. Contributions to Local Communities

    We will continue contributing to the independence and prosperity of local communities by creating and distributing new values and services that society demands without social disparity.

  3. An Industrial Company
    that can Develop
    with Startup Companies

    We will contribute to the development of Japanese society (global society) along with startup companies by building and expanding the ecosystem with startup companies.
    Through cooperation with startup companies, we will promote and expand the social implementation of innovative business and contribute to the development of Japanese society (global society).

About Us

ENEOS CVC is a Corporate Venture Capital with distinctive characteristics that diverge from traditional corporate imagery. With unparalleled scale and speed, we aim to shape the future of 2040 with startup companies.
* The investment will be provided through ENEOS Innovation Partners which is our investment company.

  • Ability to promptly approve multi-million-dollar projects

  • Substantial startup businesses
    Placement of dedicated personnel


With the investment as a starting point, we will work together with startup companies to create new value.

Focus Areas / 

We have set five focus areas and are promoting collaboration with various partner companies.


Team Profile

Looking ahead to 2040, we have a passionate staff working to forge a sustainable, vibrant future. Each member seeks business creation by searching for collaborative partners in line with their area of interest.


We are looking forward to discovering entrepreneurs who are passionate about our vision of the future and aim to create innovative products and services with us.

Download Information

If you are considering applying for the program, we have prepared a PDF document that provides more details than the website about the accelerator program.


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