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Focus Areas / Portfolio

Focus Areas

Community Development / Mobility

As the central elements for energy supply, we aim to realize a decarbonized society, improve convenience for local residents, and regional development.

Decarbonized / Circular Economy

We are committed to deliver new energy, materials, and services to help realize a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society for future generations.

Data Science And Cutting-Edge Technology

We seek to develop projects that combine leading-edge technologies to create new businesses.

Collaboration Benefits

  • Funding Opportunities

    Independent decision-making authority allows collaboration to begin in 2-3 months

  • Credit Enhancement

    Increase the appeal and social recognition of the company through support from major operating companies

  • Offer of Field Trials

    Multi-site deployment made possible through the utilization of service stations

  • Business Cooperation

    Opportunities for social implementation, including compliance with laws and regulations

  • Long-term Business Creation

    Work together on long-term projects and developments With an eye on the future

  • Diverse Team Members

    Teams composed of proactive members With a variety of knowledge and backgrounds


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  • Community Development / Mobility
  • Decarbonized / Circular Economy
  • Data Science And Cutting-Edge Technology

List by Field

List by Field

ENEOS Accelerator Program


Through the ENEOS Accelerator Program we welcome entrepreneurs who share our vision of the future, and aspire to create innovative products and services together with us.

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If you are considering applying for the program, we have prepared a PDF document that provides more details than the website about the accelerator program.


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