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ENEOS Accelerator ProgramProgram Guidelines

The ENEOS Accelerator Program welcomes ideas from a wide range of startup companies to realize the long-term vision of the ENEOS Group and searches for partners that can promote co-creation activities. For this reason, in addition to renewing its annual program to create an environment that facilitates applications throughout the year, ENEOS will also review all proposals and promote the commercialization of selected projects in a flexible and timely manner, including POC, investment and dispatch personnel.

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Selection Method and Scheme

All applications will be comprehensively reviewed via documents and in person based on the criteria listed in the application guidelines. If your application is selected, we will assign a representative (catalyst) to your project where they will contact you directly. We will then conduct a review of business collaboration and demonstration experiments for a period of three months. We also plan to hold a demo day event once a year (open to the public) where we will also announce the demonstration’s results.


Benefits of Participation

Funding Opportunities
Priority consideration for equity investmentNot necessarily guaranteed
Credit Enhancement
Increase the appeal and social recognition of the company through support from major operating companies and by communicating at demo day events.
Offer of Field Trials
ENEOS’ internal and external networks can provide numerous field trials.
Business Cooperation
Support for corporate growth through collaboration and outsourcing.

Application Theme

Themes related to city planning, mobility, low-carbon society, recycling, and other innovative technologies.

Major areas of applications:

Click here for a list of themes.

Application Guidelines

Selection Criteria

We make a comprehensive assessment of the company’s value proposition, feasibility, business potential, market potential, competitive advantage, significance, team composition etc.

Business Stage

Businesses at any stage are welcome to apply.
We welcome everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the planning and verification stages to entrepreneurs and start-ups who have already raised funds for their business.

Application Requirements

  • A representative of the company or team who is fully committed to realizing and accelerating the business plan, or is expected to be fully committed at the time of application.
  • Even unincorporated sole proprietors may apply (however, those wishing to invest must establish a corporation).
  • All ages and nationalities are welcome.
  • It is possible to apply for other contests and programs at the same time.
  • Language shall be Japanese or English.
  • The content of the plan must not violate public order and morals.
  • In the case of a joint proposal by multiple companies, list the lead managing company.

Application Deadline

There is no application deadline.
You can apply at any time throughout the year.

Other notes

  • Previous applicants can re-enter the program.
  • We will not be able to respond to individual inquiries about the details of the screening process.
  • All application costs are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Please submit an outline of your plan (that can be made publicly available).
  • Intellectual property rights such as patents and other rights must belong to the applicant (the applicant must protect the rights).
  • Be sure to check in advance if you are not infringing the copyright of a third party.

Please apply using the form for the application type below.

Business Applications Application for the collaborative creation of new business models

Technology Applications Applications for technology adoption in our business model


Download Information

If you are considering applying for the program, we have prepared a PDF document that provides more details than the website about the accelerator program.


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