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Privacy policy

ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) promises to appropriately treat personal information as follows based on the ENEOS Group Philosophy and the ENEOS Group Code of Conduct.
The scope of application of this privacy policy is within our company and our website.
We are not responsible for other websites linked from our website.
Please check and refer to each website.

1. Personal information protection system

We have created and maintain a system designed to properly protect user information. We have also established a compliance program, which is continually implemented and updated, that requires board members and employees to protect personal information.

2. Managing personal information security

We are careful that users’ personal information is managed security when acquiring, using, storing and canceling/deleting said information, and we ensure that the information will not be leaked nor wrongly accessed.

3. Clarifying the purpose of use

When acquiring personal information, we clarify its intended purpose of use along with who has access to it, and then either inform or publicly disclose said purpose of use to the user. We will not use your personal information for any purpose outside the scope of that required to fulfill the specified purpose of use.

4.Information sharing, disclosure and management

As a rule, we do not share personal information with third parties. However, in the circumstances listed hereafter, personal information may be shared with or disclosed to a third party. In these circumstances, we impose on the third party the same responsibility of appropriately handling the information as we are subject to.

(1)If permission has been granted by the user
(2)If the information is to be shared with a separate entity with which we have a confidentiality agreement and when required to fulfill the ENEOS Holdings Group’s objectives
(3)If personal information is to be shared with a specific entity, such as a company, and when this has been publicly disclosed or the user has been informed of such
(4)If the information must be shared or disclosed for legal reasons
(5)If a national institution or other public organization requests the information to prevent physical or financial danger to the user or another third party

5.Handling of inquires and requests for the disclosure, change, or stoppage of use of personal information

If a user contacts us about the handling of their personal information or requests that we disclose, change, or stop using their personal information, we will handle their inquiry or request quickly and properly after first verifying their identity.

Personal information on this website

Users’ personal information is handled as outlined below based on the “ENEOS Holdings Group Privacy Policy.”

1. Collection of personal information:

In line with the outlined purpose and in accordance with using this website’s services, we may ask users for the following information. A user’s personal information will not be used for any reason other than its intended purpose of use.

1. The user’s name, email address, zip code, address, telephone number, etc.
2. The user’s age, date of birth, gender, job, company name, etc.
3. The user’s hobbies or interests, magazines to which the user subscribes, etc.
4. Services the user uses, the user’s interests and hobbies, etc.

2. Use of cookie and Web beacon:

We use cookie and Web beacon for the following reasons. Note that cookie and Web beacon cannot be used to ascertain an individual user’s identity.

1.To prevent users who use our membership services from having to input their password each time they visit this website
2.To statistically process data on users’ activity on this website for the purpose of improving our services
3.To provide users with services that are relevant to their interests and to customize services to satisfy each individual user

CookieIt is the technology for saving and reusing the information about the user who accessed the website.Web beaconIt is the technology for measuring how many times access was performed to the specific page.

3. Use of user access logs:

We may use the IP address of users’ computers for the following reasons. Note that IP addresses cannot be used to ascertain an individual user’s identity.

1. To identify the source of and solve any server related problems that arise
2. For administration of this website

4. Receipt of cookie:

Your browser can be set to block cookie or to display a warning message when cookie are received.
Most services on this website can be used without cookie. However, without cookie the services may be limited, and you may not be able to use some services.

5. Transmission security:

To protect users’ personal information, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used by the following services on this website.

1. Investor relations email notifications service
2. Online inquiry forms

6. Changes to personal information protection policies and notice of changes:

These policies may be changed in part or in whole. Notice of any changes will be posted on this website.

TPersonal information used within our transfer and product delivery businesses

TUsers’ personal information is handled as outlined below based on the “ENEOS Holdings Group Privacy Policy.”

TTo facilitate the transfer of funds between customers and parties to transactions, we collect personal information from both customers and parties to transactions. This information is not used for any other purpose.

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