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ENEOS MIRAI HUB Web Meeting Report – ENEOS Accelerator Program Briefing Session –


On March 23, 2021, we held an online briefing session for the ENEOS Accelerator Program, through which we promote co-creation activities with startups.
At this event, two companies selected for the 2018 and 2019 yearly Accelerator Programs and three companies selected from our current, continuously open Accelerator Program took the stage with the person in charge, whom we call the “Catalyst,”to talk about details of the story behind our selection, details of our collaboration and our future prospects.
Nearly 170 viewers participated in the event, making it a valuable opportunity for interested parties to learn more about our co-creation activities with startup companies and gain an overview of the “ENEOS Accelerator Program.”
In addition, we received many questions during the talk session, which nourished lively exchanges among speakers, companies, and the Catalyst. We still answered questions that couldn’t be addressed during the event due to time constraints, so please refer to the link below to see our answers to those questions.

Click here for answers to
the questions

Participating Companies

Agritree Co., Ltd.
Development of farm-based solar power generation (agrivoltaics)
Mountain Gorilla Co., Ltd.
Making business improvements easier without the need for SE
Ubiden, Inc.
Why is charging so important?
Sustainable agricultural systems for future generations’ green revolution
Hello Japan Inc.
Resolving Japan’s labor shortage with HR TECH!

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