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Joint Development of a Thermoelectric Power Generation System Using Waste Heat


ENEOS Holdings, Inc. (Representative Director and President: Ota Katsuyuki) announced today that it has entered into a joint development agreement with E-thermo Gentek Co.Ltd. (Representative: Nambu Shutaro, hereinafter “E-thermo”), in which ENEOS Holdings Corporation holds a stake, and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (President and CEO: Hosoi Hiroshi, hereinafter “JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration”), regarding the creation of a thermoelectric power generation system using waste heat.

In this joint development project, the three companies will work to establish and utilize thermoelectric power generation system technology that converts waste heat generated at various factories into electric power that may be consumed in-house, thereby reducing the amount of electricity that must be procured by the factories themselves. As expectations for energy conservation aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, we seek to contribute to realizing a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society by effectively generating electricity utilizing exhaust heat, which has heretofore been wastefully released into the air. Due to the shape of the modules conventionally used in thermoelectric power generation, modules are typically installed only on flat surfaces. However, in our joint development, we will adopt the bendable modules developed by E-thermo, which can be fastened closely and securely even when the shape of the heat source is curved, such as piping. In contrast to solar power generation, thermoelectric power generation systems can generate more electricity at night and in winter when the outside temperature is lower.

Since thermoelectric power generation systems have not yet been used in outdoor environments, further verification of their weather resistance and durability against piping vibration is necessary. It is additionally necessary to gather data from actual-use environments in order to determine the optimal type and capacity of battery and monitoring system for the power generation system.
As part of this joint development project, a demonstration will be carried out at the Nakajo Oil and Gas Field of JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration, which is a major operating company of the ENEOS Group, using heat emitted from the surface of the pipes that transport the lye gushing out alongside the natural gas within the oil field. In the demonstration, thermoelectric modules developed by E-thermo will be used to generate electricity using the temperature difference between these pipes and the outside air, which will be used in part to power the nighttime lighting in the oil refinery. Both ENEOS Holdings, Inc. and E-thermo will measure the amount of power generated, conduct technical verifications, and develop this thermoelectric power generation system in terms of durability (including weather resistance) and outdoor power generation.
Through the demonstration, the two companies will identify the technical and business issues of the project and design and construct the optimal equipment configuration by 2023 with the overall aim of providing highly efficient and low-cost thermoelectric power generation technology.

ENEOS Holdings, Inc. has set a “low-carbon and recycling-oriented society” as its long-term collective vision. It will continue to build services that create unprecedented value through innovative businesses.


1.Overview of the Demonstration Project

Objectives To identify technical and business issues regarding the development of thermoelectric power generation technology that utilizes heat waste.
Period March 2021 to March 2022 (planned)
Location JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation Nakajo Oil and Gas Field
Implementation Details Thermoelectric power generation modules will be installed on the surface of pipes that transport the heat (approx. 80°C) of the lye that gushes out along with natural gas to provide, in part, the energy required for the nighttime lighting in the plant and to measure the amount of power generated.
Roles of Each Company ・E-thermo: Development of thermoelectric power generation modules and the development and construction of evaluation systems.
・JX Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation: Provision of a demonstration field.
・ENEOS: Development, construction, ownership and operation of thermoelectric power generation modules and evaluation systems.
Image: Appearance of the demonstration

2.Overview of thermoelectric module

Circuit Board E-thermo’s original, ultra-thin, flexible circuit boards.
Shape Bendable shape.
Installation Target Heat sources with curved surfaces, such as pipes and chimneys in addition to flat surfaces.
Features Compared to conventional modules that may only fix onto flat ceramics, the heat-receiving area on curved surfaces is much larger, resulting in greater opportunities for low-cost power generation.
Image: Appearance of the module

3.Outline of each company

(1)ENEOS Holdings, Inc.

Representative Ota Katsuyuki, Representative Director and President
Address 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Description Management and administration of subsidiaries and group companies engaged in the energy industry, oil and natural gas development industry, and metals industry, along with other operations incidental thereto.
Date of Establishment April 1, 2010

(2)E-thermo Gentek, Inc.

Representative Nambu Shutaro, Representative Director
Address 102 Kujo CID Building, 13 Higashikujo Shimotonodacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto (within Asset-Wits Corporation)
Business Description 1.Research, development, manufacture, and sales of thermoelectric devices.
2.Development, design, manufacture, and sales of thermoelectric systems.
3.Consulting related to thermoelectric devices and systems.
4.All businesses incidental to the above items.
Date of Establishment February 26, 2013

*ENEOS Holdings, Inc. has had a stake in E-thermo since March 2020.

(3)JX Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation

Representative Hosoi Hiroshi, President and CEO
Address 1-2, Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Shareholder ENEOS Holdings Corporation (100%)
Business Description 1.Exploration and development of oil, natural gas, and other mineral resources.
2.Extraction, processing, storage, sale and purchase, and transportation of oil, natural gas and other mineral resources and their by-products.
Date of Establishment June 26, 1991

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