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News Release

Regarding the Start of Collaboration toward Building a Drone Station


We are considering the construction of a drone station to serve as a base for the takeoff and landing of all drones and as a way to supply environmentally friendly energy, such as solar power.
In order to realize these plans, we decided to enter into capital participation in Sensyn Robotics, which has jointly conducted plant equipment inspections in the oil industry.
In addition, along with utilizing the “SENSYN DRONE HUB”, which is a fully automated drone system provided by this same company, we will also work on developing new solutions for equipment inspections, disaster countermeasures, security and monitoring using drones.

JXTG Holdings, Inc. (President: Sugimori Tsutomu, hereinafter “JXTG”) and Sensyn Robotics, Inc. (President and Chief Executive Officer: Kitamura Takuya “Sensyn Robotics”) have officially started collaborative work to build a drone station in the future.
Furthermore, before the start of this collaboration, JXTG entered into the capital participation of Sensyn Robotics through JXTG Innovation Partners GK (President: Yazaki Yasunori).

The JXTG Group considers the progress of the digital revolution and changes in social needs as an opportunity. Nevertheless, we are also actively promoting the creation and execution of new businesses that transcend the boundaries of our business to date.
On the other hand, Sensyn Robotics is a start-up company that works on developing solutions for social issues in various fields centered on equipment inspection, disaster countermeasures, security and monitoring, along with the full automation of related operations by using robotics solutions, beginning with drones.
The JXTG Group and Sensyn Robotics have been engaged in plant equipment inspections in the petroleum industry.

Envisioning a society in the near future in which drones play an active role, JXTG conceptualizes a drone station as a base for providing and receiving all types of drones as well as a way to supply environmentally friendly energy, such as solar power.
In order to realize this vision, we have determined an execution plan for utilizing the fully-automatic operation drone system “SENSYN DRONE HUB”* provided by Sensyn Robotics in this collaboration, and will develop the necessary equipment by 2023.
At the same time, we shall develop new solutions for equipment inspections, disaster countermeasures, and security/monitoring using drones.

We actively utilize the latest robotics technology to create the services required by customers and society, to contribute to the further development of society, and to create a vibrant future.

* Fully automatic drone operation system “SENSYN DRONE HUB”, a base (drone port) that supports drone aircraft, automatic takeoff, landing, as well as charging, in addition to a system that promotes the automation of business by integrating control software and business applications.



1. Collaboration image of both companies (drone station)

災害対応 固定式ドローンステーション 移動式ドローンステーション
Providing various services starting from the station
固定式ドローンステーション 移動式ドローンステーション
Deploying the station throughout the city

2. Company Overviews

(1) JXTG Holdings, Inc.

Representative Sugimori Tsutomu, President
Location 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Business management of subsidiaries and group companies engaged in the industries of energy, oil and natural gas development, metal, and incidentals.

(2) JXTG Innovation Partners GK

Representative Yazaki Yasunori, President
Location 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Investment and management for promotion of future business.
Established October 1, 2019
Shareholders JXTG Holdings 100%

(3) Sensyn Robotics, Inc.

Representative Kitamura Takuya, President and Representative Director
Location Hiroo MTR Building 7F, 2-36-13 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Providing commercial robotics solutions utilizing industrial drones.
Location October 2015
Number of Employees 58 people (as of June 2020)

Trademark Note

“DRONE HUB” is a registered trademark of Sensyn Robotics, Inc. Company names, product and service names mentioned in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.


Contact JXTG Holdings, Inc
Public Relations Department Public Relations Group
TEL: 03-6257-7150
Sensyn Robotics, Inc. CS&マーケティング部
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E-mail: m-senoo@sensyn-robotics.com

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